Authorization Form

I, the undersigned, hereby authorize the repair work hereinafter set forth to be done along with the necessary materials by Autobahn Service Center. I authorize Autobahn Service Center and its employees to operate my vehicle on streets, highways or elsewhere for purposes of testing, inspection or delivery. An express mechanics lien is acknowledged on the vehicle to secure the amount of repairs. I understand that Autobahn Service Center is not responsible for loss or damage to vehicles or articles left in the vehicle in the case of fire, theft, vandalism, accident or any other cause beyond your control. This applies to vehicles left in storage, sale, repair or while road testing. I understand that Autobahn Service Center is not responsible for any delays caused by unavailability of parts or delays of parts shipments by the supplier or transporter. I further understand that old parts removed from the vehicle will be discarded unless otherwise instructed.

Payment in full must be received prior to the release of the vehicle. I understand that Autobahn Service Center will impose a $25 per day storage fee after the 5th day following notification of vehicle’s completion or the 1st day following declination of repairs. A mechanics lien will be enforced on the 30th day of storage. Reasonable collection and attorney fees will be assessed to all repair orders placed for collection.

Accepted Methods of Payment:

Cash, Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, Discover cards. No personal checks